[Mozilla-ru-l10n] reviewing screenshots of important Russian sites

Hallvord R. M. Steen hsteen на mozilla.com
Пт Окт 31 12:53:52 UTC 2014

first apologies for not writing in Russian!

I work on Web Compatibility at Mozilla. We are a small team working on finding problems in website code, developing advisories, and contacting the websites to recommend fixes. For example, at the moment we're working on ensuring that web sites give Firefox OS devices as good a user experience as they give iPhone devices.

As part of this work, we're looking for volunteers to review screenshots from a number of Russian sites. The list of Russian sites we targeted was developed and reviewed here:
and we've now generated comparison screenshots, available for review here:

We need one or more people who have Bugzilla accounts to turn these screenshots into Tech Evangelism bugs for improving the Russian web.

To review screenshots, please do the following:

1) It's a good idea to tell me and the list that you take on the task - to avoid double work
2) Use the small "set a nick" button and type in a nickname - optional but recommended
3) I also recommend checking the "skip already reviewed .." box
4) Consider each screenshot. If you think it probably shows an equivalent user experience for both phones, click the "check mark" button. If you are not sure (for example if the site did not finish loading) just click >> to skip to next. If it looks like the Firefox OS screenshot gives a poorer user experience, fill in the form to submit data to Bugzilla and create a Tech Evangelism bug. I recommend using the "HTTP header check" button which might discover some technical information and fill in the form automatically.

You can also watch a video about how to use the screenshot review tool:

Thanks for your attention, I hope somebody will find time for this. If you have questions you're always welcome in the #webcompat channel on Mozilla's IRC server. If you want to help us contacting sites that would also be awesome - just get in touch with me or ask questions on IRC.
-Hallvord R.
Site compatibility analyst 
Mozilla Web Compat team

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