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Alexander L. Slovesnik unghost на mozilla-russia.org
Вт Мар 17 20:37:53 UTC 2015

Привет. Mozilla просит тех, кто хочет протестировать Firefox для iOS
вживую, заполнить форму.
Если желающих протестировать русскую локаль на iOS вживую не найдётся,
придётся тестировать по скриншотам, что не очень продуктивно.
У меня этой возможности нет.

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Тема: TestPilot for iOS
Дата: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 10:00:47 -0600
От: Jeff Beatty <jbeatty на mozilla.com>
Кому: dev-l10n <dev-l10n на lists.mozilla.org>

Hi all,

Currently, 28 locales have opted in to localize Firefox for iOS. Thank
you for your help for making great open source projects available in the
world's languages!

Things are moving forward with the TestPilot Beta testing program for
Firefox for iOS which allows you to test your locale on your own iOS
device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad). If you have one of these devices, or
someone on your team does, and you would like to be able to test your
localization there, please fill out this form[1]. Even if you have not
opted in to localize Firefox for iOS for this Spring Release, but think
that you will sometime during 2015, please fill out this form. It will
help us to estimate how many people will be participating this testing
program for future releases.

As always, thank you all for your help and feedback.

All the best,

[1] http://goo.gl/forms/pTA8J3vPrj
*Jeff Beatty*
Localization Engineer
@mozilla_l10n <http://twitter.com/mozilla_l10n>
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